Wednesday, September 23, 2020

It’s Harder If You Suffer Alone

Giving up cigarettes is a pretty thankless task at the best of times. You already know the reasons why you are trying to give up, and at times it can seem like they just aren’t enough. It’s bad for your health, but you aren’t feeling too healthy right now without them. It saves you money, but these cravings make it hard to enjoy a better bank balance. It’s much worse if you try to suffer in silence, though. Your general mood may make you feel anti-social, but if you’re facing this alone it’s going to be much harder.

It’s best to have an understanding friend who appreciates what you are going through. There’s no way of saying that they will always be understanding – it can be tough to stay upbeat with a friend who is frequently complaining – but the truth of the matter is that a good friend will appreciate your reasons for wanting to stop smoking. If this friend is also trying to give up, then there is a question to be asked – are you likely to persuade one another to get back on the cigarettes, or is joint action going to help you both?

In many cases, two friends giving up together is a worthwhile endeavor. Your cravings are not that likely to be simultaneous, so when you’re feeling ragged they can keep your head above water and vice versa. You can also take up a hobby as a pair, and get the enjoyment from that that used to come from smoking. And if one of you cracks, the other is there to commiserate and help to stop it from becoming permanent.