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The Sponsor’s 12 Step Manual: Workbook Edition

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The Sponsor's 12 Step Manual: Workbook Edition

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New Edition. This is the Workbook Edition of The Sponsor’s 12 Step Manual: A (independent)Guide to Teaching and Learning the Program of A.A. in which additional space has been added for writing answers. This means that a person can keep a record of work completed directly within the pages of this book. Ideal to work through with a sponsee (or by yourself). The guide applies established educational techniques to developing an understanding of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This process leads to a structure that progressively improves a person’s knowledge and understanding of each of the steps examined. An earlier version has been used with groups in treatment facilities in a classroom situation and some people have set up home groups and met together using the earlier version as the basis for the meeting. The feedback has been very positive with people continuing to start other groups and the book being used as a tool to teach the Steps. Now being used in five prisons. This is not a 'stand alone' book, for it to work you will also need to have access to A.A.s Big Book and The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions.


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