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Stop Smoking: The Shocking Facts You Need To Know

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Stop Smoking: The Shocking Facts You Need To Know

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Stop Smoking. The Shocking Facts You Need To Know!

From SEX, Pregnancy, Psychological, Physical Issues we cover a wide range of topics.

"Let me make something clear no matter how many Electronic Cigarettes you puff on, how many patches you stick on yourself or whatever method you have tried it won't work unless you have a reason why" Find your reason why in this book..

Discover shocking facts " Plants produce the Nicotine chemical as a protective chemical against insects and other species. This chemical is DEADLY in nature ".

Facts from actual medical professionals, gather a true understanding of what it really does to our body at a molecular level. In order to quit you need to understand the facts and science behind smoking.

We talk about New Medications, Electronic Smoking, Psychological treatments, Acupuncture the challenges in quitting.

Contents Includes:
Introduction, (you cannot see the true damage)
The Secret In Stopping, (find the secret in this book)
Understanding & Methods of Smoking, (some methods are like smoking 1000 cigarettes)
The Addiction, (psychological & physical problems)
What it really does to our body, (the brain, lungs and other organs)
Lungs are not the only affected organs, (SEX, menstrual cycle, early menopause and more..)
Pregnancy and Smoking, (uterine cancer, premature birth of the baby and miscarriage)
Smoking affects your beauty, (increases the process of hair fall, darkening of lips because of tar and other issues relating to beauty)
Nicotine The Deadly Nature Chemical
Quit Smoking Now
Nicotine Withdrawal, (physical and mental conditions)
Electronic Smoking
Psychological Treatments, (Aversion techniques, will power, start hating smoking)
Acupuncture, (important pressure points around the wrist)
Challenges in quitting, (friends, physical side effects, constipation, coughs, insomnia, depression)
Staying Quit, (caffeine, tea and coffee, chemicals, flow of energy)
Whoops? I have been naughty
Some Tips, (act cool, smoking passively, social support, more stamina, how to spend the extra money
Conclusion, (find your reason to quit)


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