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Sinless in Sin City: From Gambling to God

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Sinless in Sin City: From Gambling to God

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Product Description

Do you have a demon that you cannot get rid of? Has God tried to get your attention? God finally got my attention and showed me the way, the truth, and the life that set me free. Free from an addiction that was destroying me and my family and my friendships. I had gambled compulsively for ten years. I was in deep debt, and no one knew it-except God. Then my family began to figure out that I had a problem. God used my family to get my attention. God wanted me to change. Once I admitted to myself that I had a gambling problem, God sent me to the desert of Las Vegas to beat it. I went on a four-day trip with my mom and tried to not bet once. I met Jesus over and over during my journey. During my pilgrimage, I had extraordinary experiences and interesting interactions. In the end, God helped me beat gambling on its own turf, Sin City. I grew so much because of this journey. God wanted me to share it with you.


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