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Quit Smoking with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David Illig

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Quit Smoking with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David Illig

Quit Smoking with Self Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning by Dr David Illig Rating:
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Product Description

"After smoking for years, I can't tell you how amazed I am at how fast and how well your "Quit Smoking" self-hypnosis & subliminal program works. After a few times, I could only handle 2 puffs off of a cigarette and within a few more days of playing them I was smoke free. That is to say I don't want a cigarette, I don't crave a cigarette. It's just as it was before I started smoking. I have tried other hypnosis cd's and they were not effective like this." C.H
. ....The Quit Smoking program includes a hypnotic and a subliminal learning program to help people quit smoking. There are many reasons to stop smoking, but how do you do it? Self-hypnosis has helped many to quit smoking in a way that was much easier than they believed possible. Hypnosis is time-tested with new advances that make it a potent tool. Your conscious/unconscious brain/mind are guided to help you quit smoking. Use it alone or with other methods such as patches to increase their impact. Many reasons people smoke are in their unconscious mind. It's habit. It makes sense that many of the solutions and much of the healing is also in your unconscious. Change your attitude about not smoking. Being a non-smoker can be more pleasant, relaxing, more satisfying. Smoking becomes distasteful. Old tastes can change to where cigarettes taste like burning weeds. Old habits change. Connections to times, places, and people break so there is no connection to smoking. Remember you are glad to be a non-smoker. Healthy habits grow to replace smoking. Self-healing. Your body can heal itself from the effects of smoking. Coping methods change. New interests & new healthier methods of coping with stress and anxiety replace smoking. Breathing deeply and relaxing work better than smoking. Exercise works better to control weight. Now's the time to change. Not-smoking IS more satisfying.Use with SW programs: Weight Loss, Calm & Relaxed, Reduce Stress & Anxiety. RightMind 2.0.


  • Audio CD: Use Self-Hypnosis & Subliminal Learning to Help you Quit Smoking by Dr David Illig: Two programs for the price of one.
  • Add this program to other systems you are using such as patches or gum. They become more powerful.
  • Two complete programs included. Much of Smoking is Subconscious activity. It makes sense to use your subconscious to help you quit.
  • Self-Hypnosis is used by many people around the world just like you. Its a practice you do often, like exercise.
  • Habits are programmed deeply. Self-hypnosis takes you deeply and safely inside where solutions lie.