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How to Make Your Own Herbal Smoke Blends

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How to Make Your Own Herbal Smoke Blends

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Discover how to make your own effective, 100% legal and safe herbal spice smoke blends for personal use or just make them for the fun of it. In today’s market, it is real easy to accidentally get your hands on some powerful and dangerous herbal blends. Some of them are not even legal even though the packaging states otherwise. Some contain very dangerous chemicals and still claim to be 100% natural. The only way to have a 100% legal, yet effective and safe herbal smoke blend is to actually make it yourself. The herbs are relatively cheap and easy to find, especially with the internet as a resource for connections. There is a lot to know about each ingredient that goes into an herbal blend. These secret ingredients have been guarded from the general public to make a select few companies rich… very rich. I will demonstrate how you can get creative and design the perfect herbal smoke blend for your personal needs the safe and legal way.

Why pay outrageous prices for herbal smoke blends when you can make a kilo of fresh herbal smoke blend for the same price? The herbal smoke industry has been guarding their secret recipes for nearly 20 years! Well, it is about time to let the cat out of the bag. Catnip that is! We will cover the secret herbal alchemy that makes these blends effective and popular. Some of the herbal smoke products available on the market have some very questionable ingredients. You will be surprised and may decide to stop buying the commercial herbal smokes and start making your own. Not just because you can, not just because it’s dirt cheap, but because it is a lot safer!


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