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How to Land a Job in Las Vegas: Don’t Gamble with Your Career

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How to Land a Job in Las Vegas: Don't Gamble with Your Career

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This book is worth its weight in gold! Career change? New to town? Lost your job? Starting over again? Need a job? Been looking for a while & running low on options? Your luck has is on the way! In How to Land a Job in Las Vegas, you will learn just that: the keys for unlocking the job market in the City of Lights. I'm Scott Linklater and want to thank you for picking up this book. Looking for a job can be a difficult and stressful time in your life. I live in Las Vegas and know what you are facing. I went through the same thing, and it can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. I didn't ever want to experience it again, and I made the decision to help other people avoid the mistakes that I made. That's why I wrote this book. I want to share with you my experiences and the key principles I learned, which will hopefully save you months of agony and thousands of dollars in lost income. In today's economy, there are many people out of work, many for the first time. Thousands are entering the job market for the first time in 10 or 15 years only to find that the process has changed drastically. It can be very intimidating and overwhelming not knowing where to start, how to find the good jobs, and where to find help. From my own job hunt, I outline the key principles and resources that will help keep you on track, ending in your own success story. These resources include telephone numbers, websites, local advice, creative ideas, and much, much more. Looking for a job can be a lonely time. I want to let you know I'm on your side. My personal goal is to help you find a job. I've designed just for you a website at that is filled with information, encouragement, and communication tools which can let you share your story with myself and others. Let me help you by providing tools and support as you embark on this journey in the City of Lights. You can do it-I know you can. Let's get started on landing you a job in Las Vegas. Author Scott Linklater is a graduate of Washington State University in Business Administration and has a Masters of Education from the University of Idaho, and is a veteran of the Las Vegas job market with the scars to prove it. Scott and his wife, Hillary, have three wonderful children, Emma, Grady, and Gavin.


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