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E-Cigarettes 102: DIY E-Liquid (E-Cigarettes 101) (Volume 2)

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E-Cigarettes 102: DIY E-Liquid (E-Cigarettes 101) (Volume 2)

E-Cigarettes 102: DIY E-Liquid (E-Cigarettes 101) (Volume 2) Rating:
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Product Description

Make Your Own E-Liquid and Take Control

Mixng your own e-liquid is fun and easy—and saves money, too. You can make great-tasting e-liquids for about $2 per 30ml bottle. Think you're too busy? With the author's unusual two-stage approach, you can slap together the week's supply of e-liquid in minutes. And do it more safely than the one-stage method. Dangerous high nicotine concentrates are completely optional.

Nothing affects your enjoyment of vaping more than a delicious e-liquid with just the right flavor, nicotine level, throat hit, and vapor production. Great hardware can't overcome a foul-flavored e-liquid. Most vapers soon have a collection of dusty e-juice rejects.

Being picky goes beyond flavor. With DIY (do-it-yourself) e-liquid, you control what goes into your lungs. E-Cigarettes 102 covers your options and risks in making a healthy vape.

Flavored e-liquids are a favored target of hostile regulation. Recent proposals tried to ban flavored e-liquids in New York and elsewhere. With DIY e-liquid, you can assure your own supply of great-tasting e-liquid, despite what regulators do.

E-Cigarettes 102 is the missing guidebook to help you explore DIY with confidence. It covers:

  • Semi-Homemade DIY—get started in minutes.
  • Advanced DIY—how to develop your own recipes.
  • DIY math explained—plus a DIY calculator companion to the book.
  • Understand your options—the bases, the nicotine, the flavors, the risks.
  • Tool up—sample shopping carts and the tools you need.
  • The low-down—on steeping and e-liquid base alternatives.
  • 25 favorite DIY recipes from the author and guest DIY-ers.

Illustrated. Appendices provide a glossary and Internet links.

If you've ever found yourself being picky about your e-liquid, you owe it to yourself to try this rewarding craft. Try the book today.

E-Cigarettes 102: DIY E-Liquid is the second volume of the series started in E-Cigarettes 101: How to Start Vaping. Informed by 5 years' experience in vaping and DIY e-liquid, let this series be your guide.


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