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Coloring Up

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Coloring Up

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The Eighth Day: Israel is faced with a future of eternal terrorism within its borders in its struggle to maintain its sovereignty. The President of the United States is faced not only with ongoing terrorism but with a deficit fueled by escalating oil prices. When the President is offered a solution by the Ambassador from Israel which could not only eliminate the world's dependence on fossil fuels but also guarantee peace in the middle east, he agrees to become part of an Israeli plan to blackmail OPEC and Israel's hostile neighbors into both a peace plan ensuring an end of terror in the Middle East while still allowing OPEC to maintain its supremacy as the world's supplier of oil, although at a reasonable and guaranteed price. The ending however reveals that we are not alone in our struggle for peace. There is a higher being who has the final word. Coloring Up: if one plans to travel to any casino in the world, and especially if those travel plans end in Las Vegas, this book is a must read. It describes the world of gaming along with vignettes about individual players and gamblers with whom the author has associated and written about over the last thirty years. It also is an excellent instructional on how to play the game of Craps or Dice and how not to play it. If you plan to shoot the dice, then read this book first.


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