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Building Blocks of Life: Life Is a Gamble

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Building Blocks of Life: Life Is a Gamble

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Product Description

The Cotton family has been recorded as far back as the Norman Conquest in 1066 and the Rev. John Cotton arrived in the New World in 1633. I like to think I’m carrying on the good name of a family rich in history and the development of American industry. Like both my father and grandfather, I started in the lumber business and spent the majority of my young life in sawmills, box factories and lumber yards. Later on, I moved on to business and real estate. Sadly, our once great Middle Class is suffering today. This book is meant for laborers and executives alike, for I have spent my life working with a wide swathe of people. I’ve been through bankruptcies and divorces, joys and sorrows, and I believe that change is always possible. I believe I owe it to my forefathers to help the generations to come restore our great American traditions.


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