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A Way to Quit Gambling: (For Problem Gamblers)

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A Way to Quit Gambling: (For Problem Gamblers)

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[Buy this book now only at the bookstore. Order from bookstores everywhere in 4-6 weeks!]Although gambling is enjoyable entertainment and can provide unparalleled excitement, it can financially drain and ruin some people. This manual is a roadmap and workbook for the problem gambler or potential problem gambler, who can not control the amount of money he/she loses, to seriously give up on gambling. This work is based on over 25 years of experience in gambling by the author, who shares his insight with the reader. While attending college, the author began gambling at 18 in local New York City OTB parlors and New York horse racing tracks. Then he got caught up in casino gambling, when it debuted in Atlantic City. He also dabbled in most other forms of gambling, in lotto, poker, and sports betting. As much as the author loves to win, he hates to lose in gambling. So, after 25 years and losing a small fortune, he decided to give up on his quest of becoming a consistent winner. This book describes the way he finally coped with and quit gambling. There is also ample space for the reader to write down his/her own thoughts on how to quit gambling to personalize the manual for his/herself.


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